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Apologies for the lack of posting lately – I wearing out my little wings right now trying to tidy up a metric fuckton of little jobs before disappearing on holiday on Friday.



Boris Johnson to be dismantled.

At least according to The Daily Mash that is :

WESTMINSTER Council have successfully applied for an injunction allowing the dismantling and removal of Boris Johnson.

Justice Griffith Williams heard Council evidence that Johnson had caused measurable damage to the capital and was improperly constructed.

The London mayor has until 4pm on Friday to […]


Berlusconi – Israel will attack Iran.

Following on from this post, it now appears that everyone and their grandmother thinks Israel will attack Iran. AT least it looks that way when none other than Silvio Berlusconi says the following in Haaretz.com :

World leaders “believe absolutely” that Israel may decide to take military action against Iran to prevent the latter […]


Flying on Holiday soon? Better not watch this then.

An amazing video clip from break.com of a German plane nearly taking its wing off whilst attempting to land in high crosswinds. You know it’s not going to be a good idea when the plane is coming in at 45 degrees to the runway while trying to fly in a straight line against the […]


Israel and the US to attack Iran?

Via Gulf Daily News an intriguing and rather alarming story detailing developments in the Gulf and possible preparations for an attack by Israel on Iran :

MANAMA: Israel is massing warplanes in the Caucasus for an attack on Iran, it was revealed yesterday.

Preparations are underway to launch the military attack from Azerbaijan and […]


BP collecting more bad PR than oil.

Just when you thought news stories could not get any worse for BP it now looks like they are incinerating endangered species during their controlled oil burns according to Tampa Bay Fox News :

VENICE, La. – A boat captain working to rescue sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico says he has seen […]


Creative small ads.

When it comes to small ads from people looking for a partner in life there are not usually too many examples of creativity beyond the feeble attempts at humour.

Or at least that is what I thought until I came across this clipping :

I am not sure you would get many takers […]


Now BP has a methane problem.

Via Reuters, we have this little horror story fresh from the Gulf of Mexico :

Texas A&M University oceanography professor John Kessler, just back from a 10-day research expedition near the BP Plc oil spill in the gulf, says methane gas levels in some areas are “astonishingly high.”

Kessler’s crew took measurements of both […]


Portugal next to join the bailout queue?

Via ZeroHedge, Portugal certainly seems to be quickly heading in the direction of the emergency stability fund given it’s ECB borrowings are growing rapidly at the same time as it’s government bond rates approach the point where borrowing from other Eurozone states will be cheaper (humour emphasis mine) :

Earlier, we pointed out the […]


Budget thoughts and comments.

Whilst the UK newspapers are full of the usual tables showing who wins and loses and, depending on the politics of the particular paper are either saying evil Tories (Guardian, BBC et al) or jolly good show (Telegraph), I though I would post a few of the comments I have found elsewhere for balance.



French military sales to Russia annoy NATO.

Fresh from annoying their colleagues in NATO by entering into initial discussions to supply Mistral class helicopter carriers, the French are now looking to license Russian production of advanced night vision equipment to equip the Russian T-90 tank :

Russia has received the technology for the production of night vision devices for armored vehicles […]


Strange Dutch Creatures

A simply amazing video from Dutch artist Theo Jansen who makes autonomous creatures from plastic tubes and empty soda bottles – seeing them walking on their own in the video with amazingly lifelike movement is rather strange to say the least. _



Strange beyond words.

The photo below is one of those where you look a few times and are still lost for words :

Kumar Paswan, an eight-year-old Indian boy, was born with a terrible abnormality. The baby boy was born with a parasitic twin: the lower part of his twin brother was growing from his stomach. Doctors […]


Worlds largest graffiti phallus.

Via Pravda (no, not the BBC) we have the following piece of incredibly imaginative (in the sense of where it was placed rather than the actual drawing) “artwork” drawn on a swing bridge opposite Russia’s FSB headquarters in St Petersburg :

A funny and yet immoral incident took place in the cultural capital of […]


How many nukes have been detonated on earth already?

Think you know the answer? Well I was a little surprised to find that it is over 2000 according to this piece over at ZeroHedge :

Who needs a wartime nuclear exchange when you have peaceful countries nuking the gamma rays out of their own sovereign territories – now that the environmental theme is […]

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