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A Gold Medal but was there a little cheating?

Looking through the photo news at Pravda, I came across the following photograph of the Russian Gold Medal winner of the Barcelona 20km walk :

Speed Walking is rather a peculiar sport (in my opinion) with two simple rules :

There are two rules that govern racewalking. The first dictates that the athlete’s […]


Long term drug abuse

Scientists have finally found pictorial proof that long term use of disco biscuits really is bad for you:

Nice beard though.



Poetic Interlude

Whilst reading an article on Air Tax (yes, really) over at Pravda, I came across a reference to a poem by Edward Estlin Cummings (or more usually known as e e cummings) entitled When Serpents Bargain.

Before the poem itself, some analysis as to its meaning :

Mankind is fond of setting himself above […]


Well there’s a surprise

Remember this story a few months ago? :

Tesco backs minimum price for alcohol sales

Supermarket chain Tesco says it wants to see curbs on the sale of cheap alcohol during this Parliament.

Tesco has welcomed a promise by the coalition government to ban below-cost sales of alcohol in England and Wales.

The UK’s […]


FBI – Ten most wanted.

The FBI is celebrating the 60th anniversary of it’s Ten Most wanted program  :

The Beginning

On February 7, 1949, an article entitled FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives Named appeared in The Washington Daily News. A United Press International reporter contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and asked for the names and descriptions of […]


Annoying the God Botherers

A blog article at the BBC seems to have put a few god botherers in a frothing tizzy with the following headline :

Condom hole in the Papal vision?

And, just to rub it in, there are two photos illustrating the piece :

The article itself refers to a letter published in […]


Is it April 1st?

From the BBC, this bizarre piece that had me checking to see if it was a recycled article from All Fools Day (emphasis mine) :

Cadbury has removed the famous phrase “glass and a half” from its Dairy Milk bars after 80 years, having been told it contravenes European regulations.

The phrase was originally […]


Iceland’s Revenge II

Via From The Old, Iceland’s highest mountain, which also happens to be a volcano, is showing increasing seismic activity in the last few days.

Could this be Iceland’s revenge revisited?

Bárðarbunga is a powerful stratovolcano in Iceland and is located under the ice cap of Vatnajökull glacier. With a massive high of 6591 […]


Multi-Lingual Blogging Day

Tere Õhtust!

Kui te ei tea, täna on “Multi Lingual Blogging Day” ja “European Day of Languages” ka. Praegu, Wasp proovib Eesti Keele õppida aga seda ei ole kerge. Siiski, see on minu väike kirjand Eesti Keeles. Ma soovin et seda meeldib teile.

Head aega.


Good evening.

If you don’t know, today is […]


Unfortunate advertising placement.

Wandering around YouTube, I unearthed the following little gem displaying some unfortunately placed adverts ranging from the highly amusing to hilariously inappropriate.

Do enjoy! _



Rock Stars – Then and Now

NBC New York has a very entertaining photo gallery with 100 “then and now” photos of famous rockstars.

Some have aged very well whereas others look like a run down Soviet era appartment block in the process of demolition.

One that caught my eye from the selection was Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame :



High speed vehicle dismantling

Via Small Dead Animals, an impressive demonstration of vehicle dismantling and re-assembly by the Canadian Army.

OK, they may have cheated a little on the lack of bolts holding the thing together but it does drive again after they have finished. _

The local unwashed can definitely dismantle faster but their conquests certainly […]


Governments spying on their citizens.

A couple of days ago I read an article on the BBC News website about Google releasing their new style Transparency Report which gives details of Government requests for user data as well as the number of Google hosted information items (video, search etc) that were removed by request.

The BBC article starts as […]


Speculate to Accumulate

An interesting little insight into the world of high speed stock trading over at ZeroHedge where an advantage of milliseconds over your competitors is the difference between profit and loss.

What do you do if you want to gain a proper edge?

Easy, you build your own high speed fiber cable run directly between […]


Police seek lettuce headed man.

From the department of wtf comes this piece from the BBC :

Police have admitted having technical issues after releasing an e-fit of a burglary suspect which looks like a man wearing a lettuce.

Officers released the image after a distraction burglary in which £60 was stolen from an elderly woman in Stockbridge, Hampshire.


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