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Topless sledging – Oh yes!

The Wasp is not a great sports fan but this is one sport that certainly appeals and, in the spirit of Monty Python, here is some gratuitous nudity to offend the righteous :

It may not be the Winter Olympics but this topless tobogganing tournament has certainly got fans nipping out for a better view.

THESE busty babes braved freezing temperatures to compete in a brrr-illiant TOPLESS tobogganing tournament.

One lucky onlooker said: “It was very cold and because of that some of those girls would definitely have had a bit of an advantage in a photo finish.”

Christian Schmidt, 26, won the event, while one 70-year-old man got the biggest round of applause for stripping down to his long johns.

Earlier sour Krauts had tried to axe to axe Germany’s first ever topless tobogganing championships at another German town after a mayor said he was “offended” by the spectacle.

The ladies, competing for cash prizes of nearly 300 pounds each, were required only to wear a hard helmet and footwear for the race at Oberwiesenthal near the border with the Czech Republic.

Liberal party mayor Mirko Ernst had threatened a ban. “The good name of Oberwiesenthal is at stake,” he said.

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