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Musical Interlude – J S Bach

Sent by one of The Waspsnest’s Estonian co-conspirators, this rendition of  J S Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in d minor played on the Leżajsk pipe organ (one of Europe’s largest).

The range of the organ is amazing; if you have a good amp and large woofers, watch out that you don’t shake something loose […]


Smart Car? No, I will have a Cygnet please.

Why bother with an ugly little smart car to get around town when you can travel much more stylishly.

Meet the Aston Martin Cygnet concept :

I have no idea on pricing but I would imagine it will be bought by the kind of person who doesn’t need to ask the price […]


Coalition smoke and mirrors?

Whilst the press is frothing about the spending cuts, the following snippet from an FT Alphaville is something I have not seen elsewhere and raises a couple of very interesting points :

For followers of UK debt markets, meanwhile, here’s an intriguing point made by Marc Ostwald of Monument Securities on prospects for local […]


Lightbulbs? No they are heating devices.

Via small dead animals, a brilliant example of lateral thinking and a great way to stick two fingers up at the EU legislators :

Siegfried Rotthaeuser and his brother-in-law have come up with a legal way of importing and distributing 75 and 100 watt light bulbs — by producing them in China, importing them […]


Musical Interlude – Cross dressing edition

AC-DC from 1975 with Baby please don’t go – Bon Scott as a schoolgirl is rather amusing to say the least. _



Socialism explained in one easy graphic.

A graphic discovered by one of the Waspsnest Estonian co-conspirators which neatly demonstrates everything that is Socialism :



Japanese Jellyfish swarm

Amongst the photo news at Pravda, this photo story about Japanese Nomuras jellyfish which can grow to 2m in diameter and weight up to 100kg.

Best of all, the jellyfish have had a rather good year, turning some areas into jellyfish soup.

I would imagine the Japanese have several recipes for these things – […]


Permabear speak for the uninitiated.

The Big Picture has an amusing translation guide for those of us not versed in the language of the Permabear.

A few selected highlights below, full list can be found here :

Bonds: An asset class that will eventually be worthless paper as its value is inflated away, but in the meantime, are a […]


Purchasing power parity – Want fries with that?

By way of introduction, purchasing power parity (PPP) is the idea that the price (ie exchange rate) of one particular currency should reflect the amount of goods and services which can be bought when compared with other currencies.

For example, the exchange rate between GBP and Euros is around €1.15 to £1 at the […]


Central Banking explained.

Via ZeroHedge, a rather amusing “dummies guide” to Central Banking :



Experimental Musical Interlude

One from the Waspsnest’s Estonian co-conspirators, this excellent experimental/jazz/metal mixture by Shining from Norway.

The track is called Fisheye and is from their album Black Jazz.

Do enjoy. _



2011 Census – the ONS responds

Late last week, I wrote about the apparent discrepancy on the ONS website regarding the confidentiality of the information you supply when completing your census return. You can read that article here but in summary :

On their Frequently Asked Questions page they have the following (emphasis mine) :

What will happen to my […]


Royal Society has a maths problem

Via small dead animals, a rather surprising article describing how The Royal Society managed to get the basic maths wrong with regard to the impact of CO2 on climate change :

Top international experts prove British numbers on carbon dioxide are wrong. Royal Society blunder grossly exaggerates climate impact.

German born chemist, Dr Klaus […]


The end of the US Empire?

I came across a little list of 24 facts about the USA which makes the UK seem to be not half bad at all and in the words of a commenter “… the US economy has officially entered the “Late Roman Empire” phase of its civilization”.

From The Economic Collapse blog, here are the […]


What exactly is hyperinflation?

There are many, many versions of the hyper inflationary episode that occurred in 1920’s Germany but the following by Art Cashin writing at ZeroHedge is one of the most concise and readable that I have come across (emphasis mine, more after the excerpt) :

Originally, on this day (-2) in 1922, the German Central […]

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