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“If you’re waiting for something or somebody to make your life better, it’s going to be along wait. Start with yourself— it’s faster.”

- Brad Montgomery, Funny Guy

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The Moose tagged me.

After Dick Puddlecote started a “describe your blogspace” tag session, I have been tagged by the Fuel Injected Moose to descibe the contents of The Waspsnest.

As The Wasp is of the solitary wasp species things are none too tidy in the nest. I even managed to kick over a pile of Xmas empties in spectacular fashion when I read my tagging (its been cold and the bin lid has been frozen shut – my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

All my stuff is in the living room on a large desk :

PC, printer and associated shite (blank CDs, network drive, paper, toner).

Midi keyboard, guitar, amp.

Stereo, cd and dvd players.

Ashtray, assorted glasses.

Stray filter tips that I am still discovering after the great Xmas Eve filter tip disaster.

Self Assessment reminder, old phone bill.

Heap of assorted paperwork – the lower layers are nearly carboniferous in age and nature.

Electricians tape.


A single 2 inch screw – I have no idea why its there actually.

Soldering iron and bag of 0.047 microfarad capacitors (polypropylene 1600 vdc).

Postit notes of various vintages.

Biros, cd pens and other assorted writing implements.

Duster and polish (showing willing as they are out of the cupboard at least).

Assorted Estonian language notes, books, cd’s and newspapers (Jah, ma õpin eesti keelt).

Thats about it really.

My turn to be evil and tag Longrider and The Grim Reaper to see what their desks are like.

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