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Deathrow’s Metal Sunday

After awakening from my slumbers on this brand new year and not actually feeling hungover from excessive drinking I thought that there is nothing better this week than a little thrash metal to get the year started.

Naturally, we are talking about thrash metal from Germany – the really fast, brutal and noisy kind that any thrasher should know and love.

So, let the desecration begin.

Destruction-Desecrators Of The New Age

Destruction-Desecrators Of The New Age will start this thrashing session.

This track may not be off of one of their, by now, cult albums from the 80s but it still kicks ass and is a catchy tune overall to break your neck to.

Sodom-Agent Orange

And to continue with this madness we´ll speed things up even more here a little and we´ll continue with Sodom-Agent Orange.

While Sodom never really have gone much beyond sounding like a house being bulldozed it works really well for them and I wouldnt expect anything else from them.

Tankard-The Morning After

After having thrashed the place listening to Destruction and Sodom its time to refuel with a nice cold beer and this is the band to listen to while getting that cold beer…Tankard!

Tankard and their brand of alcoholic thrash metal…need i say more?

Kreator-Pleasure To Kill

Finally, talking about German thrash metal and not mentioning Kreator would be sacrelidge so here it is – Kreator.

Another legendary thrash metal band from Germany with one of their timeless classics – Pleasure To Kill

Deathrow - Tallinn 2011
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