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Pictorial Interlude – Delta IV Heavy

An amazing photograph of the rocket motors igniting on the Delta IV Heavy which launched from Vandenberg Airforce Base on Friday.

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5 comments to Pictorial Interlude – Delta IV Heavy

  • Wasp – It’s just as good listening to a formula one race car zipping past. Take a trip to Silverstone.

    I dont think taking the picture would be a dam fine way to go but being in the rocket would be. I would love to see the earth from orbit, even if I couldnt come back.
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    • Wasp

      I have often wondered how loud F1 cars actually are – I would imagine awsome 🙂 maybe one day I will get to see a race but I think it would have to be Monaco.

      Seeing the whole planet from space has got to be the ultimate trip and I would certainly agree that even a one way trip would be fine in my book just to be able to see it.

      Maybe Dignitas can get into partnership with the Russian Space Agency to organise that kind of thing as the ultimate way to check out – especially if you could organise your re-entry burnup to occur over the place where you lived coinciding with the outdoor night rememberance service!

      Anyone who wants to pick up on that idea can give me 2% royalties thankyouverymuch.

  • microdave

    I want to know which idiot stood there taking the picture?

    • Wasp

      Bucko – yes there is a certain something about them – a bit like when you get to hear the air being ripped apart when an F16 has afterburners lit at an airshow. I would love to see one in reality but as I will never visit the USA (due to their rediculous entry requirements) I guess I will miss out.

      Microdave – I would do it – be a damned fine way to go 🙂

  • There’s something about a rocket launch isn’t there…..
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