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The Global Revolution

A great post by Mike Krieger over at ZeroHedge on the growing civil unrest in the world, how food shortages will drive it further and how the fourth turning will change the whole game.

As a taster :

As I have said time and time again, government’s today throughout the world could care less about their citizens.  When they show signs of caring it is merely to satiate the people back to sleep so that they can stay in control.  The leaders of governments throughout the world today consist of the worst humanity has to offer.  The most egomaniacal, narcissistic specimens on the planet (with some exceptions of course, Ron Paul for one).  They care about power and maintaining it.

My generation is coming into its own and we don’t buy the bull shit of our parents’ generation.  We don’t believe in Democrat or Republican.  We don’t believe in the system itself.  We will be the ones making the decisions going forward.  We will default on the astronomic promises our parents made to themselves.  We will create an entirely new monetary and financial system.  Real free-market capitalism will flourish, not this socialism for the rich garbage Obama loves so much.   We will focus on doing good while doing well.  Not because the government forces us to, rather because we are witness to and victims of this sick, twisted creation of our parents generation that celebrates total greed without the slightest concern of the consequences to others.

Turn off the tv and think for yourself.

The last bit there would scare the hell out of governments all over the world if the sheeple actually woke up from their daze and stopped watching the propaganda.

The article also includes the following quote from a well known dictator which goes a long way towards explaining the current climate of fear and distrust fostered by our rulers :

Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.
– Adolf Hitler

Well worth reading in full.

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