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Picnic in Kosovo – bring your own ammo!

Spotted by one of The Waspsnest’s Estonian co-conspirators (tere jälla Rain), when invited to a picnic in Kosovo you need to worry about your choice of ammunition rather than red or white when you accept : _ _ I just wonder what the neighbours think when the bullets eventually make it back to earth.



UK police now acting like the Gestapo.


Your papers please!

Presented with little comment as I am more or less speechless at this crap but first, an apt quote :

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” — George Washington

From the BBC, the kind […]


The Great (fire)Wall of Europe.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the EUSSR got around to considering this one :

Broadband providers have voiced alarm over an EU proposal to create a “Great Firewall of Europe” by blocking “illicit” web material at the borders of the bloc.

Anti-censorship campaigners compared the plan to China’s notorious […]


Athletic Bunnies or Cat vs Rabbit

Spotted by one of The Waspsnests Estonian co-conspirators (tere Rain), the following little video shows a very athletic rabbit avoiding a garden moggy attack : _ _ I think that would merit a 9.5 or even a 9.6 – not sure if it ‘spotted’ the landing perfectly though.



Pictorial Interlude – Voodoo in Haiti and other weird Easter offerings

With voodoo being one of the three officially recognised religions in Haiti the Easter festival, with its mud baths and blooded garments seems somewhat more interesting than worshipping a cross.

Via Pravda :

Here, I just have to put up with this crap :

Although there is always the following which […]


Taking the Government shilling? Expect to be nannied to hell.

More obesity bollocks from the WHO and this time the million employed by the bloated (no pun intended) NHS are public enemy number one as they are too fat to tell other people they are also too fat :

The report goes on to point out that as much as 60 per cent of […]


UK Recessions and sloppy mathematics saving the day.

Is the Uk really doing as well as eveyone is spinning after today’s announcement of the 0.5% increase in GDP cancelling out the 0.5% fall in Decembers release?

For those of a mathematical bent the answer would appear to be no we are not (and this is more of an annoyed rant at […]


Tesco demonstrating the difference between socialism and business.

An interesting little spat going on between Tesco and local councils over the siting of recycling bins (emphasis mine) :

Tesco is to remove hundreds of council bottle banks and recycling bins in its supermarket car parks, denying local authorities of millions of pounds of revenue.

Tesco has decided to take this recycling […]


Pictorial Interlude – skills with pizza dough

Via Pravda we have the world pizza championships :

That is some pretty impressive dough spinning (or whatever the technical term is for these things) but I would have liked to have seen the disasters!

Apologies for the lack of anything substantial but I fell into a beer bottle today as Wasps tend […]


I wonder if anyone has ever been charged with harassing a barnacle?

Random musings – the strange thought in the title was provoked by the following from the BBC (emphasis mine):

Jet-skiers were warned after a pod of dolphins was “harassed” while swimming off the Dorset coast.

The dolphins were in Durlston Bay, Swanage, on Saturday afternoon when jet-skis and power boats were spotted chasing them […]


Climate change meets the F word.

Via Watts up With That, someone has had too much sunshine climate change today I think :

Let me explain why. It is not because I am a pusillanimous chickenshit, Mosher. It is because the fucking survival of the fucking planet is at fucking stake. And if we narrowly fucking miss pulling this out, […]


Recovery? What recovery. Even more reasons why the US really is buggered.

Whilst all is well with the economies of the world according to the MSM, actual data inconveniently suggests otherwise.

From The Fiscal Times we have this :

For the first time since the Great Depression, households are receiving more income from the government than they are paying the government in taxes. The combination of […]


Amazing Lego machinery

Not the lego I recognise from many years ago of course but a damned impressive machine even if it must have taken obsessive compulsive amounts of time to construct : _



Musical Interlude – Ikuinen Kaamos Ascent

My current favourite track as recommended by one of The Waspsnest’s Estonian co-conspirators, Ikuinen Kaamos have produced a masterpiece with Ascent.

For a band that only got their frst live gig last month, these guys could give Opeth a run for their money. A superb track taking inspiration from many different metal genres, this […]


Ignored by the MSM – Greece still resembles a war zone

Amazing how we are not allowed to see what happens in other European countries when things are not going as planned by the elite in Brussels.

From ZeroHedge :

One of the more interesting “war zones” that most have never heard of is not in North Africe, nor in the Middle East, but in […]

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