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Why are cigarettes less dangerous in Estonia?

Being one of the filthy smoker underclass in the UK, I was amused to find out that Estonian cigarettes are far less dangerous than their UK equivalents or at least you would think so from the health warnings on the packets :

The translation being “Smoking may kill”.

Somewhat different I think you will agree to the UK warnings which go along the lines of “Smoking will kill every living thing within a 2 mile radius of you, you filthy animal and will cause children to turn lumpy if they even see your cigarette”.

Whilst I fully expect to see the dead hand of the EUSSR being slowly applied here in future, you can, for the time being, go to any number of bars, restaurants and pool halls and find well appointed indoor smoking rooms which makes a very nice change from the UK one sided, outdoor, pathetic excuse for a shelter that was forced upon us by our beloved leaders.

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4 comments to Why are cigarettes less dangerous in Estonia?

  • Bill

    Not with you totally on the assessment of the population at large. I’ve heard this celebrity obsession from many quarters but it only exists in the MSM. True a lot of people do watch telly but it seems to be more of an ostrich approach to life than an obsession with celebrity.

    Most folk I see regularly know that they are being screwed big time but nearly all believe there is nothing they can individually do about it. It seems as though TPTB really have brainwashed individuality out of people.
    If my social circle don’t talk about the problem in their minds it doesn’t exist and so they go along with paying tax upon tax to get through to retirement where they hope the youth of today will have sorted the bad guys out.
    Quite sad and pathetic really but much nearer the reality of the situation than MSM sponsored celebrity culture,IMHO.

    • Wasp

      Bill, I will concede that one.

      Your “ostrich approach to life” comment is more like what I was wanting (and failing) to say. A hell of a lot of people do seem apathetic when it comes to looking past what the MSM has to offer. I find the whole situation quite depressing as there really does seem to be a lack of numbers required making the noises for change.

      I am certainly looking to remove myself from the UK to somewhere less worse but the options seem to limited partly due to being taxed to buggery in the first place.

  • Bill

    Almost every country in the world is now more civilised than here!

    • Wasp

      Unfortunately so Bill.

      Most EU countries seem to do the minimum necessary to comply with regulations emanating from Brussels whilst UK politicians piss around adding as much gold plating as they can to the legislation, presumably in an attempt to convince themselves that they are performing a worthwhile function.

      Unfortunately, 98% of the population are more interested in the latest minor celebrity/footballer shagfest than what is happening to the country right under their noses.