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I wonder if anyone has ever been charged with harassing a barnacle?

Random musings – the strange thought in the title was provoked by the following from the BBC (emphasis mine):

Jet-skiers were warned after a pod of dolphins was “harassed” while swimming off the Dorset coast.

The dolphins were in Durlston Bay, Swanage, on Saturday afternoon when jet-skis and power boats were spotted chasing them to catch a glimpse.

It was feared they could have been injured by propellers due to the large number of vessels out at sea during the hot weather.

HM Coastguard warned it was an offence to harass marine animals.

The dolphins were later spotted off Ballard Down.

Dorset Marine Police was also called to the scene.

I do wonder where the line is drawn on the classification of animal under whatever legislation the coastguard may have been referring to – barnacles, starfish, crabs? I suppose they would just lock you up using the causing harassment alarm and distress catch all when someone overhears you calling the barnacle names and takes offence themselves.

I wonder how much the whole episode cost with not just the coastguard adding to the number of boats in the area but also the marine police (whatever they may be) joining in to justify their existence.

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