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Central government bribes to restore weekly bin collections.

These were the best ones as you could just set fire to them if they were full before collection day!

Speaking as someone who only puts out the bin when it’s actually full, which can be anywhere from one week to one month, I don’t have much time for the weekly bin collection debate but this little snippet from The Telegraph seems somewhat wrong :

The Government is to announce a deal under which councils will be offered financial incentives to collect household rubbish every week.

A similar plan using government grants was successfully introduced to encourage local authorities to freeze council tax this year.

The policy is expected to be announced as the centrepiece of a review of waste policy being conducted by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra).

A source close to the review said the funding plans for councils to restore weekly bin collections – estimated to be about £100 million a year – had been agreed and the scheme will be unveiled within the next fortnight.

More than half of councils are thought to have abandoned weekly bin collections over the past few years, depriving more than 18 million people of the service

Just to test my understanding here, the councils who decided to cut their refuse collection services to once per fortnight and who presumably were able to keep their service costs and hence council taxes down as a result are going to be subsidised with central government money to restore the services again?

So, whilst I pay full council tax for a weekly service already, some other people are paying less council tax for their reduced fortnightly service with the extr afor the weekly service reintroduction paid for with a part of the taxes I am forced to pay to the government?

And I thought the whole idea of the Coagulation was to move power from central government back to local level?

Thats not going to work very well if we keep getting milked by central government when they disagree with the initiatives that local councils are following is it?

One thing that has surprised me somewhat over the last few weeks is just how many millions seem to be stuffed down the back of the couch in Whitehall for a country that already owes the thick end of a trillion pounds and is spending £3 billion a week more than it takes in.

£100 million for weekly refuse collections, half a million on revamping No. 10, another £110 million to Egypt and Tunisia, another £44 million on health advertising after we were told it was cancelled to save costs, a million pound prize fund for video makers and seemingly on and on and on.

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2 comments to Central government bribes to restore weekly bin collections.

  • Furor Teutonicus

    XX So, whilst I pay full council tax for a weekly service already, some other people are paying less council tax for their reduced fortnightly service XX

    Aye, THAT would be right laddie!

    Who said ANYTHING about paying less for reduced services?

    As far as my mates back there tell me, in areas where this has happened, the “deal” is “You accept fortnightly collections, and we will not put UP the poll tax by as much as we were going to any way.”

    • Wasp

      FT – yes, less as in not more was what I was trying to get at there.

      I am suprised they are getting more money as a bribe though when they could have just set Pickles on a rampage although I am sure it will be in the manifestos come next election how the lovely Tories reversed evil Labours bin collection cuts.