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Remember Fukushima? Fire, explosions and criticality in the fuel pool at reactor 4 caught on video.

Whilst the MSM has long forgotten Fukushima, the following video and commentary from Hawaii News Daily shows just how little Tepco has achieved in bringing the damaged plant under control.

The timeline commentary below the video gives you a few pointers as to what you are seeing – most of the events up to the 2:12 mark are quite subtle but after 2:12 you will see just how buggered the whole plant is.


Timeline commentary :

This is TEPCO video of the #4 fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi just after midnight last night, June 14, 2011.

It is on fire by 00:46.

There is an explosion at the back of the structure which is captured in frame 1:05.

There is a flash of Cherenkov radiation visible from the back of the structure between frames 1:05 – 1.07.

There is more fire and smoke at 1:31, 1:36, 1:46 and the fuel becomes energetic at 2:12. A transient criticality event appears to have been achieved at 2:12, but the expected is not apparent, at least to me at first glance.

It might have simply been the fuel pool disintegrating into yet another disaster. Anyone even remotely near Fukushima Daiichi with a metallic taste in their mouth should seek medical attention right now.

Just remember that the fuel pool number 4 at Fukushima has around 225 tonnes of spent fuel rods which now seem to be far from under control.

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4 comments to Remember Fukushima? Fire, explosions and criticality in the fuel pool at reactor 4 caught on video.

  • Chad Denning

    I love this….1hr video sped up to 3 min. Video is infrared, only black and white. You speed up steam plum to that speed and looks like a Nuclear Bomb was dropped and thats the Mushroom cloud….What would happen if you added cool water to hot water, add humidity, cool night air on the ocean and speed it up 20x….you have the video…. Bad Science!

  • The pop-up ad for under floor heating is a reflection of how screwed we are.

    • Wasp

      Twisted Root – at the rate Fukushima is unfolding/collapsing we will all have under floor heating soon – the glow in the dark kind.