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The depressing banality of life in the UK.

After three weeks totally away from the news, the trivial and dumbed down nature of UK news and politics is quite apparent and possibly even more so than I thought whilst being immersed in it for so long. It really is amazing, to me at least,  how a break can change your viewpoint so drastically.

A few things that have caught my eye today :

The UK Q2 GDP figures today, being spun for all they are worth by both the government and ONS, are truly dismal and around half of what is needed for the government to meet it’s target of balancing the books by 2015. As Tim Morgan made clear in his epic note on the UK economy and why it is in deep shit, the governments plan revolves around growth rather than the BBC’s constantly peddaled line of cuts.

The Freedom Bill is nothing more than a talking shop and coalition promises to remove the DNA of innocent people ranks alongside EU referendums and any other manifesto pledge that only applies until the ballots close. More U-turns being performed in the last 15 months than someone horribly lost in Milton Keynes it seems.

Right Wing and Extreme Right Wing are the newspeak phrases of the week. If only someone would tell the MSM (and especially the BBC) that the BNP are about as left as you can get without falling off the platform then there would be at least some sense in this bollocks.

Some books and literature will get you arrested in the UK. Didn’t we once condemn the Nazis for book burning?

13 out of 14 people sponging on benefits could do at least some useful work if they could only be bothered to get up and look for work instead of sponging on the buggers that do make the effort.

Anyway, enough grimness for today – time to upset the righteous with alcohol and tobacco.

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2 comments to The depressing banality of life in the UK.

  • microdave

    “Lost in Milton Keynes” Christ – what a terrible thought…

    I can remember when it was just a bloody great building site!

    • Wasp

      microdave – I have only been there once and could have sworn that it was some giant graveyard where roundabouts go to die. After a few miles you start getting dizzy from the damned things and then think you are hallucinating when you see the concrete cows!