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So it was to relieve the constipation? Right ….

Just when you thought you had either seen or heard everything then along comes a story so bizarre that you start to wonder if there is anything left in the world that hasn’t been tried before somewhere :

Man inserts milk bottle up his bottom ‘to relieve constipation’

Doctors have released an x-ray image showing a milk bottle lodged inside an elderly man’s pelvis.

And, the X-ray has to be seen to be believed – aside from trying to imagine how it could actually help constipation, I have a hard time thinking about how the hell you get a bottle that size up there in the first place :

I am sure that would be much much worse than passing whatever was stuck up there in the first place :

The unnamed 60-year-old got himself into a spin when he slid the bottle too far up his rear-end and couldn’t remove it.

Distressed at the situation he immediately presented himself to a hospital in Zhuai, China, where he told staff what had happened.

He claims he was constipated and was attempting a rather unorthodox method of stimulating his bowel.

It’s not understood why the man didn’t visit a pharmacy to get some medicinal help first, but we’re sure he had his reasons.

I suppose it ranks alongside such excuses as I slipped and fell whilst in the bathroom to explain the array of bath toys and mobile phones which find their way into various recta around the country.

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4 comments to So it was to relieve the constipation? Right ….

  • microdave

    I know I’m going to regret posting this, but………..

    US “adult” star Amber Rayne once told the tale of her visit to casualty to have a mobile phone removed from her a**e. She was having trouble explaining it to the the nurse on reception until somebody called her and the ringtone could be heard….

    • Wasp

      microdave – amusing but I won’t ask exactly where you heard that tale ๐Ÿ™‚ assuming it wasn’t on the extras disk that came with her “best of … ” dvd collection ๐Ÿ˜‰