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Miek McShane wakes up Sunday Morning Radio 4 listeners with the F word.

Via The Telegraph :

Mike McShane, 56, used the F-word during a newspaper review on the show Broadcasting House which was being recorded at the Edinburgh Festival.

He immediately apologised and was admonished by the show’s presenter Paddy O’Connell who also warned him not to do it again.

McShane, an American and regular on the comedy improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway, made the comment as he reviewed a story about race at around 9.58am.

He said: “The thing about race in America is that black folks have always known more about white folks than white folks have known about black folks because black folks were cleaning their f****** houses.”

The live audience laughed but McShane realising his mistake immediately apologised for his “language”.

A very amusing line which I am sure caused some spluttering amongst certain types this morning :



It is quite a versatile word though despite the mumblings of “diminished vocabulary” spouted amongst the righteous as one Telegraph commentor notes (asterisk replacement by Wasp) :

My grandfather uttered a sentence once using the ‘F’ almost completley.  He was trying to fix his motor bike and when I enquired how it was he said, “The fucking fuckers fucking fucked !”

Anyone hearign that will almost certainly get the message as well as a lesson in the grammatical uses of the word itself.

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