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The long arm of the nanny state reaches inside the pub.

The Wasp has an Estonian visitor this week which is why it has been a little quiet around here for the last few days.

Last night while visiting a few of the local pubs my friend picked up a beer mat (see first image below) and said why do you have these weird health warnings everywhere in the UK – can’t you people even go for a drink without being warned by your government? I explained how the UK has descended into some kind of nanny state run by righteous people who believe it is their right to tell others how to live their lives.

My friend then turned over the beer mat (second image below) and asked do they seriously believe that anyone would make a pint of beer last a full 90 minutes – it would taste like warm piss before the end of the first half!

Speaking with the barman a little later I discovered that the beer mats were brought in voluntarily by the company which owned the pub as part of the responsibility deal announced between private enterprise and the government earlier this year.

So, not only do we get nagged at by the government in the news and in the local radio advertising slots, we also now get nagged at by companies on the governments behalf and when the workplace nagging comes into force soon (my employer is planning a big health roll out in the New Year) there will be no escape from these righteous twats!

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9 comments to The long arm of the nanny state reaches inside the pub.

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  • microdave

    “Were brought in voluntarily by the company”

    I smell a rat – why would ANY company voluntarily try and reduce its sales???

    • Wasp

      microdave – possibly to avoid having legislation thrust upon them if they refused to comply in a voluntary maner?

      • microdave

        Captain Mainwaring in Dad’s Army – “Right men, I want six volunteers…..You, you, you, you, you, & you”.

        • Wasp

          microdave – that’s the kind of volunteer the government has in mind with these deals I think 🙂

  • karl hawksworth

    Thank you for cheering me up so much on my day off Mr Wasp – These bastards just do not know when to bloody leave us,the people alone. They can all f### off and stick THEIR beer mats up their own arses – Rant over.

    • Wasp

      Karl – my thoughts exactly when I saw the beer mats – needless to say we didn’t stop for another pint.

  • It’s enough to drive you to drink!
    JuliaM´s last blog post ..Shock As Council Realises Basic Fact Of Life…

    • Wasp

      Julia – indeed and I am sure that Sheffield First (who also run cctv in the city) will soon be on hand with in-pub alcohol advisors at this rate.