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“Police investigating innapropriate comments” … it’s enough to make you weep …

I really do wonder what the hell this country is turning into sometimes …

“Inappropriate comments” left on a Facebook tribute site for dead a Norfolk teenager are being investigated by police.

Maisie Baxter, 13, was found dead at her home in Trowse, near Norwich, at about 17:50 GMT on Saturday.

Norfolk Police are looking into comments left on a page in memory of the teenager, after they received several complaints from the public.

There are not thought to be suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police said officers from the force’s Vulnerable People Directorate were looking to take action under the Communications Act if appropriate.

Officers remind social media users that this tribute page was set up in memory and any language or pictures which are not in keeping with this aim may cause offence and upset to the victim’s family and friends,” she said.

I wonder if the terms “privacy settings” and “restrict comments to friends” were even mentioned to the complainers who, incidentally, were not even members of the family in the first place (they seem to have actually amended the settings now after the horse is halfway up the paddock).

And, what the hell is a “vulnerable people directorate”?

Anyway, we then get this shite :

Editors urged to help tackle online hate crime

News websites will be asked to do more to address potential hate crime, as part of plans for a more “integrated” English society.

The government’s strategy says a more integrated society is central to tackling extremism.

It wants to promote “core values” but favours helping local groups to take the lead over government intervention.

But the Runnymede Trust race equality think tank said it was an “ill-advised reversion to assimilationist policy”.

Among its plans to tackle extremism and intolerance, the Department for Communities and Local Government says it will improve its understanding “of the new threat of online hate crime”.

I naively thought that a lot of this bollocks would get brushed away when Labour got the boot but we seem to just get layer upon layer regardless of who is in power.


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2 comments to “Police investigating innapropriate comments” … it’s enough to make you weep …

  • Wasp

    ReefKnot – Unfortunately, I think you may be right there …

  • ReefKnot

    I despair of ever getting a real Conservative government. We seem doomed to spend the rest of eternity governed by feely touchy useless twats