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Barroso “is a deluded communist idiot” … Farage on the EU

Nigel Farage speaking his mind in his usual frank manner which, as always, leads to a rather amusing interview :


Whilst he is having a dig at Barroso and van Rumpey Pumpey, he also makes a very good point in the interview on the likeness of the EU to the old USSR :

European leaders believe that “well-educated bureaucrats know better than we the poor peasants how best our lives should be led” which is the same path that led to the economic and social crash-and-burn in the Soviet Union.


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2 comments to Barroso “is a deluded communist idiot” … Farage on the EU

  • I seem to remember one Mikhail Gorbachev, who knew about these things, commenting on the similarities between the constitutions of the EU and the USSR.

    • Wasp

      Stan Mann – Gorbachev was certainly well qualified to make that statement and it would seem that the EU is destined to go the way of the USSR. I just wish they would hurry up and get on with it before the fallout from it’s demise becomes terminal for everyone else rather than just damned painful.