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Paying (for) Lip Service at the NHS … around £6 million per year and counting …

A BBC article this morning that had me spluttering my coffee all over while wondering why the fuck I (and every other tax payer) should be funding shit like this on the NHS :

The rise in women seeking a perfect vagina

Last year more than 2000 labiaplasties were carried out on the NHS, and in the last five years there has been a fivefold increase.

Experts believe the total number is likely to be much higher when considering the unregulated private sector, where the surgery costs upwards of £3,000.

Despite the increase in labiaplasty there are no universal NHS guidelines on the size and shape of normal female genitalia.

Undoubtably, the £6 million in the headline (2000 ops at £3k a time) will be an understatement of the actual costs given that the NHS is not known for being careful with other peoples money.

I will add labiaplasty to the ever growing list of things that should not be funded with other peoples money such as one in six kids on Ritalin, IVF treatment, stomach stapling, gender reassignment and even boob jobs.

No wonder we have to pay so much in taxes just to fund this monstrous leech that the NHS has become.

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6 comments to Paying (for) Lip Service at the NHS … around £6 million per year and counting …

  • Harbinger

    When one looks at the NHS they will see the definition National Health Service. How on earth anyone in the government or NHS can see any form of cosmetic surgery categoried under the nation’s health is beyond me.
    One also has to relise that labiaplasty is purely a superficial operation, just like boob jobs. I highly doubt that a woman’s partner is having a relationship with them because of how large their breasts or labia are and if they are then the woman has made a poor choice. The money (alot less infact) would be far better spent on local counsellors making these women realise the vanity involved in such operations and how utterly pointless they are. Maybe if these women also stopped reading the deluge of women’s magazines which present images of Barbie doll women, they wouldn’t have such daft thoughts, coming out with the usual ‘it gives me confidence’ nonsense.

    What’s worse is that the NHS no doubt is happy to follow ‘life pathway’ protocol, that is not giving elderly people life saving drugs and/or operations because it’s not cost effective. The saving of a human life is simply a non debatable topic. There should therefore be none of the above list of operations on the NHS for this obvious reason, moreso when one considers that said elderly have most probably paid taxes all their life.

    • Wasp

      Harbinger – very good points indeed. I have a feeling the “lack of confidence” line is the one they are told to tell their GP when going for the consultation to get something chopped on the cheap.

  • microdave


    I imagine a lady with five folds probably would want some alterations…

    • Wasp

      microdave – or make a living on daytime Tv perhaps. Speaking of fivefolds, apparently the German flag bearer was displaying a rather shocking Yeti-toe on Friday …

  • Penseivat

    I wonder how many of these operations were done on members of parliament? I’d like to know so I can confirm they really are perfect c*nts!

  • Trundlemaster

    I don’t have much of an issue with IVF on the NHS as it’s helping along the natural process of reproduction. Where I do have an issue is where IVF is given to people who haven’t paid into the pot or who have just got off of the boat.

    All the other things could be quite happily scrubbed off the list.

    Personally I’d be in favour of every taxpayer getting a health debit card with a budget of £1m on it.

    That way, patients could spend the money on what treatment they chose and where they spend it. If people want to blow too much of a proportion of it on a top notch gender reassignment and leave themselves short later then that’s there look out.

    I have no issue with labiaplasty if there is s genuine medical reason for it but not if it’s for a non medical reason such as ‘my minge doesn’t look as neat as that porn stars minge’.