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Accidentally killing your secretary with an Uzi at dinner? That would be Thailand …

Playing with your Uzi whilst dining is not recommended!

A somewhat bizarre tale from the Bangkok Post :

Mae Hong Son Senator Boonsong Kowawisarat accidentally shot and killed his personal secretary with a submachine gun in a restaurant in Phrae province, police said.

The shooting took place at a restaurant in the province’s Wang Chin district on Sunday night, Pol Lt Choosak Poonsawat of Wang Chin police station said Sunday.

Sen Boonsong, 55, and his personal assistant Chanakarn Detkard, 46, were travelling to Bangkok in the senator’s car and stopped for dinner at a restaurant in tambon Mae Keng.

While waiting for their meal, Mr Boonsong took out an Uzi 9mm sub-machine gun. He told police the gun accidentally discharged and his secretary was shot in the stomach.

Sen Boonsong said he was so shocked by what happened that he was unable to take Chanakarn to hospital himself. The owner of the restaurant had to take her, where she was pronounced dead from her injuries, Pol Lt Choosak said.

Police have yet to arrest or charge the senator as he is protected by parliamentary privilege while the House is in session.

When that problem is solved, police said, the 56-year-old Sen Boonsong will be charged with causing death by negligence. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment and a 20,000-baht fine.

Sen Boonsong is a lawyer, with an office in Mae Hong Son, where he also is head of the local Rotary Club chapter.

There were no further details, including why Mr Boonsong was carrying the weapon, why he took it into the restaurant, or whether he knew the gun was loaded.

Police said the shooting involved family and friends, so private charges are not likely.

“From our initial inquiry, the secretary’s family will not sue because they were relatives and it was an accident – he didn’t mean to do it,” a local police officer told the AFP news agency.

The Thai idea of Parliamentary privilege is a lot broader then the English version – I wonder if any of our lot will be eyeing this story and getting ideas?

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1 comment to Accidentally killing your secretary with an Uzi at dinner? That would be Thailand …

  • Furor Teutonicus

    XX or whether he knew the gun was loaded.XX

    WTF!!?? What kind of twat carries a gun that is NOT loaded?