It was only a matter of time but it’s for the children of course!

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Paid a visit to a local country pub on Sunday and I think it will be that last time they get my business.

The problem?

Well there is a rather nice beer garden where you can sit and watch the country views whilst having a pint and a fag and then there is the sloping ex-car park next to the bins where all you can see are walls and the “rather nice beer garden.

The first picture below is the view from the excuse for a smoking shelter up towards the rather nice beer garden (it was pissing it down) with the reason I won’t be visiting again highlighted :

Pub car park

And for the benefit of those who can see bugger all in the red circle, the details :

For the children

“Please keep this Beer Garden Smoke Free!!”

Apparently, some bint was complaining about the second hand smoke affecting the health of their precious brats using the bouncy castle.

Smokers are now allowed on three tables in the car park, down wind of everyone else.


  1. Wasp

    Bucko – Don’t worry, I intend to 🙂

    Trouble is, the number of boozers worth visiting round here is going down fast.

  2. Bucko

    Let them have their smoke free beer garden. And their brats. Spend your money elsewhere mate!