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Pictorial Interlude – Baby on board – a new design of sign …

Having long wondered why anyone wants to advertise that they are the proud owners of a puking shit machine by sticking a sign on the back of their car, the following new baby on board sign, whilst damned amusing, is a sure fire way to get yourself touched up by the humourless plod (read […]


Barroso “is a deluded communist idiot” … Farage on the EU

Nigel Farage speaking his mind in his usual frank manner which, as always, leads to a rather amusing interview : _ _

Whilst he is having a dig at Barroso and van Rumpey Pumpey, he also makes a very good point in the interview on the likeness of the EU to the old USSR […]


UK drops to second place in the league table of governments spying on their citizens.

A BBC News article today on the Google Transparency report reminded me of a piece I wrote back in 2010 on the same subject where the UK came out on top for countries spying on their citizens when population size was taken into account.

Today’s report shows however that the UK has slipped to […]


Doublethink is alive and well at the Department of the Environment.

Doublethink according to Orwell in 1984 :

The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for […]


The long and dangerous slippery slope to the bottom …

Via ZeroHedge, an interesting snippet from a recent performance of The Wall in Los Angeles with Roger Waters getting political :

 At one point, Waters paused his set and began telling the audience about Jean Charles de Menezes, a 27-year old Brazilian national who was shot *8-times* by British police several years ago at […]


Cash machines begin collecting for Hate Week from this Summer.

More badgering and nudging from our beloved masters who seem to be more interested in their pet hobbies than getting on with government :

More than 12,000 cash machines in the UK are set to allow charitable donations from this summer, the government has announced.

Royal Bank of Scotland cash machines and […]


Cage fighter tells Parliament – “ban packed lunches in schools”.

Is it any wonder that the UK is disappearing up its own arse when we have this kind of crap passed off as news by our state broadcaster (and don’t you just hate their one statement to a line dumbshit ™ style these days) :

Reality TV star and former cage fighter Alex […]


I knew something fishy was going on with the truancy fines press release timing …

After writing yesterday about my surprise at finding a Statutory Instrument which seemed to predict the future, I have had a look at the timing and it seems I wasn’t going mad after all.

This example of our Parliament reduced to a rubber stamping factory for “politburo” style executive legislation may be a minor […]


Increased truancy fines – is this a new speed record for government?

The radio news this morning had a few articles on truancy with the “behaviour czar” (what a lovely Orwellian name for an interfering twat) wanting to increase the fines payable by parents of persistent truants. This evening, while having a trawl through the statutory instruments, I was a little surprised to find that the […]


The government bansturbators reach the works canteen.

Banned – it’s for your own good you know!

On returning to work this week after my Estonian adventures, the hot topic in the office is food rather than the more usual who is or isn’t shagging who.

While I was away, the works canteen implemented their part of the governments […]


Does Cameron have a secret deal with the EU to get his alcohol strategy off the ground?

Ban it! Ban it all! You are not trusted to make the ‘right’ choices.

Whilst Cameron’s ramblings have been covered at length, I have not seen is anything on why exactly he seems to be so sure that the minimum pricing initiative will not get kicked out when it gets to […]


Ignoring the usual tired old rubbish there are actually one or two real gems hiding in online comments (as well as Spain telling the EU to STFU).

Whilst reading my way down the comments to an Evans-Pritchard piece on Spain growing a pair and making a “sovereign decision” to tell the EU where to stick it’s austerity demands, I came across the following comment which was part of an exchange between English and German readers :

Ah, methinks the Herr doth […]


Protection of Freedoms Bill – Repealing powers of entry.

With the Protection of Freedoms Bill nearing it’s final stage in the Lords, I thought I would have a quick look to see just how many of the 1000 plus current powers of entry would actually be revoked (full list here courtesy of The Daily Mail).

Unfortunately, for those expecting something substantial from our […]


Sloppy Policing in action.

Considering that we seem to be one of the most tracked populations on the planet, what with CCTV, ANPR and all the other state funded controls, I find it somewhat alarming that the police seem to rely on DNA evidence as being beyond reproach when it is used to charge a man in Devon […]


The Government is beginning to enjoy this retrospective legislation lark.

I previously wrote about retrospective legislation when Labour were busy wringing the last drops of blood out of the bond market to fund state largesse :

Our current government seems to be getting quite keen on using retrospective legislation; that is, legislation which makes something which was legal at the time now illegal […]

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