I would not want to be fishing off Denmark later …

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Bizarre News, elf n safety, Environment, Health, Well I never. | 4 comments

Not very often you see Hurricane Force 12 mentioned in a met office forecast along with some stomach churning seas (phenomenal definition here) :

rough as hell


  1. barnacle bill

    Normal winter’s weather for us when we were working North of 61˚ in the northern N. Sea.
    Soon sorted the boys out from the men, especially when the cook put something like cauliflower cheese on for tea!

  2. Oswald Thake

    Damn! Beaten to it.

  3. facebook_furor.teutonicus.35

    Hmm.. My old stamping ground.

    You need a serious geography lesson, my boy.

    “Denmark strait” is between Iceland and Greenland (Used as an escape rout for the “Bismarck” at one time.

    It has NOTHING to do, except in name and politics, with DENMARK.

    • Wasp

      FT – I will go and sit in a corner studying the atlas with my dunce hat on for an hour or two for that one!