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Rot at the BBC – who is the “smoking rots brain” quote actually from?

Try as I might, I just cannot discover who is supposedly quoted here :

Smoking “rots” the brain by damaging memory, learning and reasoning, according to researchers at King’s College London.

A study of 8,800 people over 50 showed high blood pressure and being overweight also seemed to affect the brain, but to […]


Pictorial Interlude – A day in the park, slap me, slap me more, why you shouldn’t rely on your kids in the event of an accident and the nature of bees and wasps ..

Apologies for the lack of anything other than the odd dust kitty and tumbleweed around here lately – work has taken a turn for the rediculous it seems.

In the mean time, amuse yourselves with this little selection ..

I liked this one as soon as I spotted it – very nicely drawn and […]


Video Interlude – Honduras – the place to go to watch the planes land … just don’t actually fly there ..

Having occasionally spent a few hours at the end of various runways watching the planes land for nothing more than the spectacle of a few hundred tonnes of aluminium bowling in at a rate of knots I can certainly say that none of those occasions match the following video for entertainment. Honduras certainly looks […]


Video Interlude – A satanic ninja cat and a failed suicide attempt that ends with a sore jaw …

When it comes to dogs, this cat does not take prisoners :

I am not sure what this guy was trying to achieve but I am sure his view of the probable outcomes did not include getting smacked in the mouth :



First cannon like thingy


Been a long time since I posted something over here. And since Mr.Wasp is really fond of cannons and military things I found this rather amusing picture for him :


Hope you all enjoyed this little quickie.





Video Interlude – How not to do a burnout on a motorbike …

While work continues to get in the way of writing here, I did manage to find this rather amusing failure :



Video Interlude – probably one of the strangest things you have never seen … Epic Tea Time

Take a very slow motion Alan Rickman, a tea bag, slice of lemon, cup of boiling water, a glass desk with assorted office items and the track Mind Heist from the film Inception and you have the following – I recommend starting the clip, change the quality to HD and go full screen and […]


Video Interlude – Ninja motorbike rider crashes and watch out for the ice on the pool – it’s thicker than you thought …

This guy just has to be a ninja in his spare time …

Remember all the warnings you have seen about the dangers of thin ice? How about if the ice is a little thicker than you thought – cue broken tailbone I think …



Pictorial Interlude – The no toilet paper walk, politically correct tools and John the Snail …

Too much work to write anything of substance so have a look at some of the more amusing items I came across in an idle half hour :

A most undignified form of exercise which must surely owe its creation to the toilet paper walk described by the comment :

This advert for […]


Bansturbators being rather selective with their reporting – Smoking in cars edition …

Isn’t it amazing how bansturbator types are all too happy to ignore research that contradicts their message, even if some of the contradiction is in the same damned research paper that they are using to press forward with their shroud waving calls to stop us doing something they deem bad for […]


Pictorial Interlude – Bat Kitty!

Even by The Wasp’s emotionless standards, this is a cute kitty :




Three million pounds – “negligible” when you are spending other people’s money …

A brief insight into the Government’s view of other people’s money – an excerpt from a paper by HM Treasury on a new tax on gaming machines (page 4 HERE if you are bored – opens pdf) :

It also meant that the total impact on Exchequer revenues across the two rates is “negligible” […]


Video Interlude – You will never look at sheep the same way again after this …

Or dogs for that matter … _ _

H/T – Riho Tweet


Video Interlude – Russians playing at the top of a very, very high tower …

Impressive, bordering on outright stupidity and definitely not one for those with a dislike of heights : _ _ I wonder how many of those guys are still around?

H/T – Coccoon […]


You would not want to be at the pointy end of an A10 Warthog gatling gun …

Whilst idling away an hour or so as an antidote to too much work, I came across the following rather impressive clip of an A10 Warthog gatling gun being test fired.

Whilst it may sound something like the foghorn on Bridlington pier, I really would not want to be at the pointy end of […]

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