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BBC sloppiness (again) – where is the harm in that?

Brief snippets …

Spotted as a breaking news splash on the BBC News website a little while ago :

Hint – the clue is in the post title.

And, if that is not enough for one day then how about this headline from the BBC Health Pages today which seems to be lacking […]


The BBC avoids the issue whilst The Telegraph actually drops the A word in an article about young girls and sexual abuse.

Whilst The BBC in this article valiantly avoids reference to the ethnic background of the defendants in a messy little case, we at least get some clue as their names are all printed :

Teenage girls were treated as “sexual commodities to be sold or gifted”, a jury in a child prostitution trial has […]


Journalistic tripe of the highest order.

Brief snippets …

A uSwitch press release masquerading as news in The Telegraph has the following extremely bizarre information :

Half of holidaymakers will return home from trips abroad to a mobile phone bill of £150 because they do not understand roaming costs.

Furthermore, seven in ten consumers leave their phone switched on […]


Our wonderful NHS – Im sorry you don’t have an appointment today, the system says you are dead.

Still think it’s a good idea to have a massive online database of records accessible by all and sundry when they get up to this kind of thing :

A woman who arrived at a hospital for an appointment was told she had died as staff searched her medical records.

Sylvia Slingsby, from Thurnscoe, […]


Does The Telegraph consider its readers to be particularly stupid I wonder?

One for the “what on earth were they thinking when they wrote that” files, the screengrab below has me wondering whether it’s The Telegraph who thinks we are all stupid or if it just confirms that the web version is written by journalists kids on a work experience week :

Where the bloody […]


Sloppy reporting from The Telegraph – Viagra can make you deaf.

One of the most amusing Viagra adverts I have seen yet.

From the Health News section of the online Telegraph, the following article demonstrates that even doctors do not bother reading the side effects information provided with every single pack of the drugs :

Viagra could make you deaf, doctors have warned. […]


Remember Fukushima? Reactor four building now starting to fall over.

Reactor one in relatively unbuggered condition!

With the MSM having the attention span of a 3 year old high on fizzy drinks, it is hardly surprising that Fukushima related news has disappeared from our view.

Unfortunately, the real story seems to be taking a turn for the downright buggered as Japan confirms […]


NHS medicating pregnant women to prevent their offspring from becoming obese.

The NHS obsession with weight seems to have taken a sinister turn with this new trial reported by the BBC :

Obese pregnant women are to be given a drug to reduce the risk of obesity in their children as part of an NHS trial.

Overweight women supply too much food to a […]


UK Recessions and sloppy mathematics saving the day.

Is the Uk really doing as well as eveyone is spinning after today’s announcement of the 0.5% increase in GDP cancelling out the 0.5% fall in Decembers release?

For those of a mathematical bent the answer would appear to be no we are not (and this is more of an annoyed rant at […]


Recovery? What recovery. Even more reasons why the US really is buggered.

Whilst all is well with the economies of the world according to the MSM, actual data inconveniently suggests otherwise.

From The Fiscal Times we have this :

For the first time since the Great Depression, households are receiving more income from the government than they are paying the government in taxes. The combination of […]


Ignored by the MSM – Greece still resembles a war zone

Amazing how we are not allowed to see what happens in other European countries when things are not going as planned by the elite in Brussels.

From ZeroHedge :

One of the more interesting “war zones” that most have never heard of is not in North Africe, nor in the Middle East, but in […]


A case of self immolation on a UK train perhaps?

Bizarre UK transport news from the BBC :

A woman has died after a fire broke out on a train travelling from Northampton to London.

The blaze is believed to have started in a toilet on the London Midland railways train at about 1705 BST on Monday.

The train stopped at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, […]


More shroud waving medics – Alcohol causes cancer.

Having avoided looking at most UK news for the last two weeks, a quick peek at the BBC website this morning reveals that sloppy journalism is alive and well whilst shroud waving medics are still banging on about the dangers of exceeding made up drinking limits.

The BBC article itself has the following guff […]


CNN news bimbos getting totally out of their depth with an ex-CIA analyst.

A great little video spotted over at ZeroHedge that ends with much spluttering from the anchor bimbos when one of them is told by ex-CIA analyst Michael Scheuer “You are just carrying the water for Obama”.

Priceless – also known as pwned in gaming circles. _



The evolution of a research article into a scare story via a little shroud waving and sloppy BBC journalism.

Another day and another trashy recycled BBC health story with scary headlines and unproven facts.

Best of all, the famous BBC “experts” say it is all true.

The origin of this article is actually quite interesting though if you will bear with me for a little while …

Firstly, an introduction to the article […]

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