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A little housekeeping.

You may have noticed LinkWithin has turned up on posts – I will give it a few days to see if it improves on its choices or else its out again.

Update … it is actually damned ugly imo – it may not get a few days!

Update 2 … Nope – I don’t […]


Over-reaction in action.

A tale of modern day England from the BBC – whilst reading have a think to yourself of the costs involved here :

A two-year-old boy fell into an eight-foot (2.4m) deep hole which suddenly opened up in the garden of his family’s south Derbyshire home.

At 0945 BST, fire crews went to Newhall […]


Enough to make you scream.

Whoever coined the phrase staycation should be publicly flogged and placed in a gibbet as a warning to others.


That is all – carry on!



Look after the pennies …

Via Bloomberg, an interesting little tale about the days following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers (emphasis mine) :

“Lehman’s books were in such a mess that I don’t think they knew where they were,” Elizabeth James, a director of Barclays’s futures business, testified today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan. James worked on Barclays’s […]


Quote of the day.

Being in a half grim Bank Holiday mood assisted by foul weather for August, the following seemed appropriate :

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. George Orwell

Cheerful bugger wasn’t he?



Musical Interlude with balloons and boxes.

Not the usual musical interlude but a pretty damned good effort using two balloons and a wooden box. _ Ballon Bass And Box Jam – Watch more Funny Videos



US debt and taxes

Interesting little chart spotted over at ZeroHedge showing how real men run a country into the ground. Why pussyfoot around like the UK with 20% debt to run your country when you can match each tax dollar with a new shiny dollar in debt.

Some technical details:

Total net debt issued […]


Dumbing down.

Hardly surprising that people are supposedly getting less intelligent when you start seeing shite like this from the BBC who, admittedly were never at the cutting edge of literacy anyway but really.

The headline starts off fine :

Oesophageal cancer ‘doubles in British men’

but the very next line in the article is this […]


Eating out in Germany? Be careful what you order.

If you happen to find an exclusive little restaurant while visiting Berlin just be careful what you choose.

After reading the following article, I would suggest asking for the vegetarian menu :

A sick internet joke or a serious business proposition? A restaurant in Germany has been conducting an advertising campaign for people to […]


Swiss democracy – why cant we do that here?

Switzerland, better known for cuckoo clocks and mountains (although cuckoo clocks are actually a German invention) seem to have quite a reputation for annoying the EU chattering classes these days.

Eight months after a referendum to ban minaret construction was endorsed by the electorate, news comes via Pravda (no, not the BBC) of an […]


Waterwings are so last year darling!

When reading the news you occasionally come across an article about some traditional event or race, usually involving people in either weird costumes or doing rather strange things such as chasing a large cheese down a hill or battling your way through barbed wire whilst clutching a mini beer barrel.

Today whilst reading Pravda […]


Making mountains from molehills – BBC reporting.

Reading BBC news earlier, I came across another example of lamentable reporting involving bugger all facts and contorted conclusions.

Introducing the article itself (emphasis mine) :

An undercover investigation into UK car garages suggests the vast majority miss simple mechanical faults, consumer watchdog Which? has said.

Which? took cars with four deliberate faults to […]


Musical Interlude

Madder Mortem from Norway.

Where dream and day collide.





Iran vs Israel Nuclear pissing match starts soon. MAD anyone?

Via ZeroHedge, the following article on the start of the war of word between Iran and the USA’s middle east mouthpiece Israel.

As has been widely anticipated, Iran is currently in the last stages of preparation before pushing the On button for its brand, spanking new (and 20 years in the making) nuclear power […]


Useful SQL expressions illustrated.

One of my Estonian co-conspirators sent the picture below as he knows how much I like SQL.

Not often you get to see the code and intended result in the same picture though.

And with results like that who says coding is for geeks?


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