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Shocking new Tsunami video – unbelievable images.

Having seen many clips of rushing waters and destruction, I was not expecting the images in the video below which show just how truly terrifying the Japanese Tsunami actually was.

While watching for the first time, pay attention to the city view to the right hand side of the cameraman as he pans around the first few times. I am pretty sure you will utter something unprintable when you get another view of the utter destruction at around the 3:06 mark.

To see a city devastated in less than 4 minutes is beyond belief.


Watch the video once then watch through again and take note of the row of lampposts by the river at the beginning and how many windows are visible in the building opposite the cameraman to get a true sense of how deep the water gets in just a few minutes.


New Shocking Video Of The Japanese Tsunami by timbarracuda

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