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War Photography – Libya and dual mag wielding grannies.

Spotted in passing at ZeroHedge, Reuters’ photographer Goran Tomasevic has an amazing collection of his Libyan (and more general Middle Eastern) photographs online at Reuters (here).

The photo below from the collection caught my eye.

You would not want to get on the wrong side of her, especially with the dual mags – I can imagine someone, somewhere being very proud of their grandma.

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3 comments to War Photography – Libya and dual mag wielding grannies.

  • microdave

    I think you might find that stripping down AK47’s is part of the school syllabus…

  • microdave

    Well I suppose you could be sure of your children’s safety if left in the charge of that particular granny…

    • Wasp

      microdave – definitely and they would never be bored either although I am sure the school would raise an eyebrow when ‘stripping down grandma’s AK47’ was mentioned in the “what I did in the school holidays” essay.