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Musical Interlude – Macabre The Cat Came Back

Going from being snowed on to being boiled alive in the space of a few hours is not the best way to unwind so enjoy a little bit of Macabre Minstrels with The Cat Came Back :

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5 comments to Musical Interlude – Macabre The Cat Came Back

  • Paul

    Yep! That’s the right one!

    Cordell Barker is a bit of a Canadian icon to those Canadians of a certain age. Pretty much any Canadian between 30 and 50 will know his work and have fond memories of this and other similar shorts. Another one I recommend (same guy, same animation and same crazy kind of plot) is “The Big Snit”.

    The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is a government arts funding organization that went into subsidising animation in a big way in the ’80s and ’90s. Canadians have won a surprising number of international prizes including Oscars for this sort of thing.

    Normally I would be against that, but the results are a huge number of these little animated shorts which gave me much pleasure as a youngster.

    Taught me a fair bit as well. The NFB also produced a bunch of annimated educational history shorts called Canada Vignettes. Again, most Canadians of a certain age can sing “The Log Driver’s Waltz” or “The Blackfly Song”. I recommend “Spence’s Republic” as a good (and humerous) representative example.

    • Wasp

      Paul – arts funding that actually produces something worthwhile is a new one for me 🙂

      I will definitely have a look at your recommendations.

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  • Paul

    Have you seen the original Canadian short animated film that the song comes from? If not, you should. Highly recommended!

    • Wasp

      Paul – Thanks for the pointer – I hope you meant the Nickleodeon one that I re-posted?