Video Interlude – Honduras – the place to go to watch the planes land … just don’t actually fly there ..

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Having occasionally spent a few hours at the end of various runways watching the planes land for nothing more than the spectacle of a few hundred tonnes of aluminium bowling in at a rate of knots I can certainly say that none of those occasions match the following video for entertainment. Honduras certainly looks like one of the more extreme places to try landing a plane and after seeing this American Airlines approach, I think an arrival by boat would definitely be the preferred option :



  1. microdave

    As soon as I read Honduras I knew what was coming up, or rather DOWN…

    Tegucigalpa is famous for its winding approach, which has to be flown manually – no sitting back and letting the autopilot do the job… They’ve now flattened that hill, and extended the runway after a fatal accident.

    • Wasp

      microdave – I am not surprised they changed it – the slope of the hill coinciding with the glide slope of the approach *after* you come in on a tight turn – what were they thinking …

  2. Wasp