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Housekeeping notice

Apparently comments have been buggered for a little while – this appears to have been caused by a misbehaving plugin which has been taken out to the back yard and quietly murdered.

Hopefully everything is now in order again.

Grateful thanks go to microdave for pointing out the unfortunate buggeration.

The Wasp

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6 comments to Housekeeping notice

  • facebook_furor.teutonicus.35

    Not heard from you for a while. Normally I get notice when you put a blogg up. I thought you had given up, like so many others lately.

    Good to see it is not so.

    (And I DID get notified of this post, so maybe your buggeration was guilty of that as well. I hope you murdered it twice.)

    • Wasp

      FT – I haven’t gone yet although paid employment is getting in the way of much else lately unfortunately … The plugin was tortured mercilessly before dispatch I can assure you!

  • microdave

    “Grateful thanks go to microdave for pointing out the unfortunate buggeration”

    Makes a change from me being RESPONSIBLE for the buggeration!

    All seems OK now, thanks.

    • Wasp

      microdave – I really should check these thinsg after I add and tinker – thank you again for pointing it out 🙂 And yes, I seem to remember reading about one’s reputation elsewhere 😛

  • Bucko

    Don’t leave any evidence!