Pictorial Interlude – A day in the park, slap me, slap me more, why you shouldn’t rely on your kids in the event of an accident and the nature of bees and wasps ..

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Apologies for the lack of anything other than the odd dust kitty and tumbleweed around here lately – work has taken a turn for the rediculous it seems.

In the mean time, amuse yourselves with this little selection ..

I liked this one as soon as I spotted it – very nicely drawn and full of humour :

Slap me, go on slap me more .. oooh harder baby harder :

Ahem, where was I?

Ah yes, if in need of urgent assistance, phone anyone other than your offspring :

And finally, being a wasp myself, I think we have a very bad press but in the interests of humour I will play along with your human stereotypes (you really should see what the bees put in your honey!!) :

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  1. Michael J. McFadden

    Nice interlude Wasp! 🙂

    Just sent the buzzsaw one to my handyman brother.