Back to the UK which is decidedly still in la-la land …

by | Jan 6, 2013 | Bizarre News, Economic Intrigue, Please fuck off., Politics, Strange Thoughts, UK Misery, Well I never. | 2 comments

The Wasp is knackered after a long day of wing flapping to return to this strange little isle, where it would seem the government is still as demented as a box of frogs :

The prime minister said it was vitally important the government maintained its “credibility for deficit reduction” so it could continue to borrow money at low rates of interest.

Firstly, what deficit reduction and secondly, why not just stop spending other peoples money instead of borrowing us into an even bigger hole?



  1. Ian Innes

    Oxymoron emphasis on moron

  2. Ian Innes

    Oxymoron. Moron being the operative word!